Welcome to the padded party room!


Why I'm Here or Crazy is the Name of the Game

Twenty years ago, I started into something that I love.  I'm a designer. Specifically, graphic design.  I've done a lot over the years.  Print, web, multimedia, television... you name it, I've probably touched it.  It's been a good living.  But, the world has gotten to a time where my skills don't seem to be needed. I've become someone that feels that they've outlived their usefulness. I've come to a point where I have to take a new direction.

Despite all the design and art I have done over the years, I've always been interested in the art of the live event. I think that's why I've always tried to work with all the anime conventions that I have.  There's something special about a live event.  The challenges are always new everyday.  You never know what the day will bring.  Even if it's something like a theatre production that is repetitive, there are always new challenges with a new day.  That's the thrill of doing something live.  

After graduating with my BFA, I found that jobs aren't appearing.  After looking for full-time work for over 5 years, I've decided to call it a day for the full-time design world and I headed back to the University to work on a degree in Theatre Arts, specializing in Technical and Design.  Yes, crazy, right?  Yeah, I think so too, but here I am.

What will happen here will be thoughts as I make my way through life in the Theatre Department here at Utah Valley University.

So come on in, grab a straitjacket, and bounce off the walls.  I'm glad you're here.



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